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Sixty Seconds in the Elevator          NEWS

Hello, my name is Yaira Yonne-Konishi. I know, it’s a bit unusual. Just think of «La Yonne» -  a French river flowing into the Seine.
In my everyday life I am a conductor leading orchestras and choirs. I also teach yoga, where I «conduct» energy. Always part of it is a facilitating of other people and myself, another meaning of «con-ducting».
Both in music and yoga I aim for the same goal: Listen to the silence beyond sound. This is even possible in an elevator!
What the benefit is?
Well, if you are in a crisis situation and you still hear «the sound of silence», what can happen to you? By the way, this is the most difficult when it is quiet around...
That’s why people come to my sound-yoga classes: By sound quieting the mind.
And I can come to you, too! With silence comes power: Power of sound, creative power, vitality.
This basically means returning home – or «coming hOMe».


born 1965 in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany)

1985-1999 musical studies in Frankfurt am Main, Luzern and Paris
diplomas in school music, orchestral and choral conducting; certificate of university didactics; continuing education

2007-2012 Yoga-trainings in Nepal, the US and Bern (Switzerland)
diploma YogaSchweiz/EYU
certificate Sapta Yoga International Level I; LifeForce Yoga® Practitioner Level Iⅈ
Laughter Yoga

since 2010 workshops and in-service-training «Mantra Purusha –  Body of Sound»

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